Double Dare Drama: Kick tedious multiple choice assessments out of your classroom!

Tired of traditional assessments that don’t tell you much about student learning? This session will explore drama techniques that allow students to truly demonstrate what they know. See what students are thinking as they use drama to act out what they have learned. With these drama techniques, students are able to express original thoughts while using specific content to support their thinking and logic. Teachers easily access higher order thinking  as described in Depth of Knowledge criteria level 3 and 4.  

Teresa LoveTeresa Love

Teresa Love has been working as a drama/theatre specialist for over 30 years. Her work on the innovative Provo Integrated Arts Project--arts in-service and curriculum--lead her to Los Angeles where she was a founding partner in two Theatre-in-Education/Theatre for Young Audience groups. For 17 years she was artistic director of Imagination Company, a touring theatre of adult professional actors who performed specifically for children. IMCO reached an audience of over four million children, mostly school populations. She is still actively associated with LA’s Open Window Entertainment.

Teresa was an in-classroom specialist with the Fullerton, California School District, and she worked with the Children’s Museum of Los Angeles on the Reading Edge program. She currently teaches at BYU in the Theatre and Media Arts Department, instructing preservice teachers in the course Drama in the Elementary School Classroom, as well teaching a course in storytelling. She participates as a professional development partner with the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Project. She is currently preparing to direct Water Sings Blue, based on Kate Coombs award winning poetry book about the ocean, which will tour with BYU's Young Company in fall of 2015.

Vic LarsenVic Larsen

Vic Larsen has taught  5th and 6th grades in Alpine School District. He is a lover of the arts, which is evident in the types of activities he has done in his class. His students look forward to mummifying chickens and doing a process drama that mimics an ancient Egyptian funeral. In his current capacity he has assisted with the development of several STEAM activities across multiple grades. He supports all of the arts, believing that it is through the arts that students fall in love with learning.