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Clang Bang Ding Dong

Dan the Gingerbread Man

Grab Like a Crab

Make a Cap

Pig In a Wig

Rap a Tap Tap

ARTS Alive! Literacy Empowered Through Artful Integration

Session 1: Grades K–2

The arts, when integrated within early literacy instruction, can permit children to encounter targeted phonic and phonological awareness patterns within meaningful and engaging contexts. In the SEEL (Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy) approach, targeted phonic patterns are connected to themes, texts, and interactions expressed in arts-based activities. Children may read and enact Caps for Sale, make caps with straps and flaps out of scraps, create signs for the cap store and advertisements for the caps they made, portray in dance the seller’s encounters with the monkeys in the book, and write about and illustrate their experiences. This session is geared toward preschool through second grade teachers.




Barbara Culatta

Barbara Culatta is a professor of Communication Disorders and associate dean of the School of Education at Brigham Young University. She completed her PhD from the University of Pittsburgh and a postdoctoral fellowship from Johns Hopkins University. Barbara has written two books (Language and Literacy Instruction in the Classroom and Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy) and numerous chapters and articles on language and literacy instruction/intervention. She has conducted federally funded early and intermediate grade literacy projects and is the creator of the SEEL (Systematic and Engaging Early Literacy) (education.byu.edu/seel). Her research evaluates the effectiveness of language and literacy intervention procedures.


Jolie Hill

Jolie Hill, MEd, is presently serving as the director of SEEL. Ms. Hill joined the SEEL team in 2006 after a long career as an early childhood educator, which included graduate studies in integrated teaching through the arts. Her expertise has been critical in developing and organizing SEEL resources, conducting mentored research, and implementating the program in BYU-Public School Partnership schools. She is often called on to represent SEEL and share her expertise in professional development sessions for local teachers and in multiple presentations at the annual conference of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).