Session 1: Grades K–3

Don’t have time to fit hour long dance lessons into your day? No problem! Come to this session to learn how to implement EXPRESS DANCE LESSONS that only last 5, 10 or 15 minutes tops! These quick lessons are perfect for young children K–3 who need to get out of their seats and move, yet they can still continue learning while moving. We will cover over 20 quick dance activities that you can easily implement into your day. The lessons will range from math to science to language arts to just dance for dance sake!


Session 2: Grades 4–6

Jump on this bridge that will take you to the Philippines, New Zealand and Samoa! When we arrive we’ll learn three different dances from these beautiful exotic islands. We’ll learn TINIKLING from the Philippines, the MAORI STICK DANCE from New Zealand, and the SAMOAN SLAP DANCE from Samoa. These dances are challenging for the older elementary student, yet very rewarding when they accomplish the intricate moves!

Jana Shumway

Jana Shumway received her BA and MA from Brigham Young University in Dance Education.  She has taught dance at The Waterford School (for 10 years), Brigham Young University (for 8 years), William Penn Elementary as part of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (for 6 years), and has recently returned to BYU as a visiting professor to teach contemporary technique and dance education classes.  She is also the co-artistic director of BYU’s Kinnect Dance Co.  Jana loves the challenge of writing dance lesson plans that integrate with core curriculum.  But even more, she enjoys the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the children as they dance and participate in these lessons!