Day 1:

Conference Kick Off: "Re-Think the Way You Learn" - Carrie Ekins

How to engage and inspire your students to become a “Lead Learner” through fun innovative collaborative and engaging activities that boost brain power!

Keynote: "Old Wisdom for a New Day" - Donald Davis

Storytelling is a powerful and ancient tool. Join master storyteller Donald Davis as he explains how to help students develop, tell, and write their own personal stories.

Keynote: "Let's Go Out With a Bang" - Carrie Ekins

Making a difference in your classroom through inspiration, motivation and engagement!

Day 2:

Kick Off: East Indian Dancers

Bharatha Natyam is the strictly traditional and purest form of classical dancing. This 2000-year-old art has been an effective means of taking art to the people, and has survived in spite of centuries of social and political upheavals.

Keynote: "Comics In Your Curriculum: Unleashing Student Story Making Power" - Richard Jenkins

“Two boys playing in a junkyard discover a strange metallic object; little did they know that this cold heavy sphere would soon threaten the entire town……” So begins one student’s comic. In addition to being a wildly popular art form, comics provide potent entry points for student understanding of character and story. Master teaching artist Richard Jenkins shares his experiences in teaching students how to create original stories in cartoon form.

Keynote: "Celebrate Your Story" - Jordan District Communications

Every school has a story to tell, every ARTS-related program has a story to tell, educators just need to know how to get the attention of TV, radio and newspaper outlets.

Performance: "Bugz" featuring Roelof Vel

    * Picking the right song or sound

    * Listen to and sing along with the band "BUGZ"

    * Dare to get on stage & share a story! (optional)

    * Increase students willingness to share

    * Explore your voice/speaking or singing

    * Creating an experience through music, art, and dance