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Scripting with Paper Mitt Puppets

Session 4: Grades 3–6

Learn how to engage and facilitate 3rd–6th grade students in writing and presenting a simple plot (story) with specific setting, conflict and resolution using easily-made paper mitt puppets. Includes cross curricular reference to Aesop's fables.

lisaLisa Bean

Lisa Kirkwood Bean, Ph.D., is the Elementary Drama Curriculum Specialist for the Nebo School District where she provides professional development for classroom teachers within the district’s twenty-seven grade schools. Lisa uses aspects of role-play to deepen student engagement in traditional school subjects. She specializes in developing whole- class reader’s theatres for deep literacy experiences, and uses storytelling, puppetry, gestures, movement and staged productions for and with young audiences. A long-time adjunct faculty member at BYU, Lisa also enjoys spinning a good tale around a campfire.