Cartoon Storytelling: Building Story Structure in Comics

Sessions 3 & 4: Grades 3–8

Using the elements and principles of cartooning, participants will create fictional stories in comic strip form. Emphasis will put on story structure, character motivation, goal, obstacles, tactics, and resolution. No drawing experience is needed.

RichRichard Jenkins

Richard Jenkins is a cartoonist, writer, and master teaching artist. He has had multiple graphic novels and short stories published, including the cult-classic Sky Ape series, about a cigar-chomping, jetpack-wearing, reluctant-hero gorilla.

Since 1997, Richard has worked throughout the United States as a teaching artist, engaging students in drawing, painting, cartooning, and story making. 2008 saw the release of his first arts-integration manual for teachers, Comics in Your Curriculum. In 2009, for his exemplary work with special needs students, Richard was awarded the VSA Teaching Artist Fellowship from VSA arts International. 2012 marked the beginning of Richard's work as a Kennedy Center Workshop Leader. There he teaches educators the artistic skills and strategies for integrating cartooning, visual art, and story making into their classroom curricula.

Richard lives in Lawrence, KS with his wife and two young children. When he’s not changing diapers, he is steadily chipping away at his newest graphic novel entitled Toil. A film-noir inspired murder mystery set in 1933, in the sinister canyons of Utah.