East Indian Dance

Session 3: Grades K–6

Bharatha Natyam is the strictly traditional and purest form of classical dancing. This 2000-year-old art has been an effective means of taking art to the people, and has survived in spite of centuries of social and political upheavals. The word "Bharatha Natyam" is itself made up of three letters: Bha stands for Bhaava, Ra for Raga, and Tha for Thaala. Bhaava means mood expression, Raga denotes musical melody or song, and Thaala means rhythmic timing. Natyam means a combination of dancing and acting.

SudhaSudha Kargi

Sudha is a well-known, talented Bharatha Natyam Dancer, and the Director of Kargi Kala Kendra. She has a Masters in Accounting and Finance, and works in the financial industry. Dance is her passion, she learned this classical art form called Bharatha Natyam in Chennai, India at the age of 5. Ever since it has become an integral part of her life. Bharatha Natyam is one of the eight classical dance forms of India, which is 3000 years old.


Sudha has performed many programs in India and the US, and won many titles and awards. She is a State recognized artist and has trained around 100 young students. In Utah, she teaches in her home studio in Sandy.