Enriching, engaging, and enhancing student learning through arts integration: The “How To’s” behind the planning.

Session 2: Grades K-6

We are committed to the arts and we know that arts integration enriches our teaching, engages our students, and enhances student learning. But too often teachers suggest that they haven’t been taught the “how to’s” of arts integration. In this session, Dr. Amy Miner will model and engage participants in the “processes” of arts integration, the thinking and decision-making behind the planning, as well as share several examples of arts integration in various subject areas and grade levels. During the session, participants will identify and plan arts integrated experiences as well as receive resources that aid in integrated lesson planning for any grade level or subject.

STEAM: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, THE ARTS, and Math. What do we know and what does it look like.

Session 5: Grades K-6

STEAM is a buzz-word that we hear in our schools. What is STEAM? What does the literature say about STEAM and what does it look like in classrooms? In this session, Dr. Amy Miner and several classroom teachers currently engaged in STEAM will share the thinking and decision-making behind the planning, as well as shared examples from the classroom.

Amy Miner

Amy Miner taught elementary school in Jordan School District before going on to receive her Masters degree in children’s literature at BYU and her PhD in curriculum instruction from Utah State University. For over 20 years, Dr. Miner has been an advocate for arts integration. As a current faculty member at Brigham Young University, Dr. Miner’s research and teaching reflects her deep passion for the arts, literacy, and integration.