Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ Traveling Museum Project: Building Cultural Bridges Past and Present

Session 5: Grades K-6

The Traveling Museum Project installs exhibitions in communities and schools throughout the state of Utah using objects from the Utah Museum of Fine Arts’ Education Collection. With an object-centered, inquiry-based approach, the Traveling Museum Project explores the roles that art plays in people’s lives across the globe. The goals of the program are to assist in the development of visual literacy, foster independent learning, and cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. In this session, explore how you can utilize art and cultural objects to spark conversations and illuminate connections between students and the world around them. Through object-centered learning, students can discover empathy and finding common-ground with people, both past and present, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, economic status, and other assertions of identity. Participants will leave this session with resources on teaching with objects including core-standard integrations, question-based strategies, hands-on workshop ideas, and other tools of the Museum Educator trade.          

annieAnnie Burbidge Ream

Serving as Curator of Education, Annie Burbidge Ream oversees the administration of school programs and statewide outreach, including planning, statistics, and reporting; curricular development of the pARTners program; and curation of the Traveling Museum Project. In addition, Annie teaches in K-12 classrooms utilizing UMFA objects and resources to create hands-on, question-based experiences for teachers and students across the state of Utah, as well as docent trainings emphasizing the importance of experiential learning. Annie approaches her work with the philosophy that art is for everyone and with goals to assist in the development of visual literacy and cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. Annie acts as the Museum Representative on the Utah Art Education Association (UAEA) board and sits on the board for University of Utah Youth Arts. In 2016, Annie received the UAEA (Utah Art Education Association) Museum Educator of the Year and 2016 NAEA (National Art Education Association) Pacific Region Museum Educator of the Year awards.