Art Near Your Center: Inspirations from the Familiar: Dance

Integrating Dance, Weathering, and the Rock Cycle

Sessions 3 & 4: Grades K-6

This breakout session is all about getting your students k-6 moving and learning at the same time. We will explore ways to integrate weathering, erosion, landforms and the rock cycle with movement explorations your students will remember their whole lives. The instructor will share ideas as to how a classroom teacher could create an entire dance from elements shared in the session. There will also be great ideas for building movement vocabulary in any class setting.


Ashley Boyack

Ashley Boyack received the Elizabeth R. Hayes scholarship at the University of Utah where she earned her BFA. Ashley began teaching for the Tanner Dance Program in 1991 and while there, presented at the daCi Conference in Finland. In 2010 Ashley received a master’s degree in education at the University of Northern Colorado. Then Ashley, her 4 boys and husband, Morgan moved to Lawrence, Kansas. She joined the Lawrence Arts Center, where she was Artistic Director of the Youth Dance Theater. Ashley also performed as a guest with the 940 Dance Company, created the preschool dance and modern dance curriculum, co-created the boys sports dance class curriculum, and served as the Lawrence Arts Center Dance Education Specialist. Since returning to Utah, Ashley is a Beverly Taylor Sorenson Dance Specialist at Redwood Elementary and serves as a Professional Development Partner for the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program.