Rewriting History with Marionettes

Session 5: Grades 4-6

Melanie Kunz and Carol Whittaker, veteran 5th grade teachers from Davis and Jordan School Districts, will teach the art of student created marionettes. They will explain how they excite classes by using the students' marionettes to teach social studies, reading, writing, language arts, technology, drama, visual art, and interpersonal skills. Participants will learn how to make a simple marionette that can be created by a 4th, 5th, or 6th grade student. Melanie will share her year-end production that has become a community event.


Carol Whittaker

Carol Whittaker has taught Elementary School for 20 years in Jordan, Granite, and Davis Districts. She has a Masters degree in Gifted Talented Education, and loves engaging students creatively using arts and science.


Melanie Kunz

Melanie Kunz has taught for over 30 years in Davis District. She received an Elementary Degree from BYU-Hawaii and Masters Degree from Weber University. She loves seeing her students collaborate together, creating a long-term project with the satisfaction and pride of performing their creativity.