Fractured Fairytales—A Readers Theater for Kids

Session 5: Grades 3-6

Readers Theater is a fun, integrated approach to involve students in reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities. It improves reading fluency, teambuilding, and gives kids a chance to be in the spotlight. A short powerpoint will introduce the topic as we discuss logistics, resources, helping the kids loosen up, props, roles for kids not wanting to be in the spotlight, extended activities…. And the best part is trying it yourselves. Scripts and props provided.

This is a program that you and your students will both love! Why Readers Theater?

• Reinforces reading skills

• Helps with reading fluency

• Gives kids a chance to be in the spotlight

• Teamwork building

• Opportunity to perform for other groups

• Possibilities for creative writing assignments using picture books to create their own scripts

• Artistic opportunities—story title banners, advertising posters…

Annie Eastmond 

Annie Eastmond is a children’s librarian for Salt Lake County Library Services at the Millcreek branch. She loves doing library programs for kids and school outreach. She is also a member of the Utah Storytelling Guild and does Storytelling in schools. Her enthusiasm is contagious for what she loves.