Mixed Media Robots

Sessions 1 & 3: Grades K–6

In this session, students will be invited to identify problems that they encounter on a daily basis as well as problems in the larger world around them. After pinpointing these difficulties, students will create possible solutions to those problems by creating robots that are designed to meet those specific needs. Their robots will employ the use of actual texture, implied texture, contour drawing, tape transfers, oil pastel transfers, crayon resist, and watercolor techniques. Each of these skills can be easily applied to other lessons with varied criteria.

Simple Sketchbooks

Session 5: Grades K–6

Sketchbooks are a personal place for exploration. They can be used for practice drawings, journaling, sketching from life, questioning, doodling, and especially for creative thinking. This session explores simple and versatile ways to create sketchbooks for students that are affordable and easy to maintain. We will also examine ideas and content that can be explored in a sketchbook, such as mixed meanings, irony, metaphor, and symbolism. In addition, sketchbooks can be used to research ideas and make artistic connections to core subjects.

Elicia Gray

Elicia Timpson Gray has been teaching art for more than 20 years. She has taught every grade level from preschool to college in the United States, Canada, and Africa. She is currently an art specialist at Lakeview Elementary in Provo, and is an adjunct professor at Brigham Young University. She loves mixed media, wild colors, patterns, and texture. She has five children and is married to a giant. She loves adventure and exploring new places and ideas.