Building Scientific Bridges with Watercolor!

Sessions 1 & 2: Grades K-6

Using watercolors to support your Elementary Science Curriculum with child tested easy techniques that you can use throughout the year. As a classroom teacher using watercolor is one of the best way to reinforce your science curriculum in every grade level. We will show you fun scientific teaching methods and projects you can use immediately with your classes as part of a science journal or as individual projects. Watercolors are affordable for the classroom teacher and lend themselves well to scientific experimentation and they can be used to teach many of the following concepts:

• Rocks and Land Formations

• Space - Moon Cycle

• Water Cycle

• Plants and flowers

• Weather Life Cycle

• Seasonal changes

• Scientific experimentation

Elizabeth Sampson

Elizabeth Sampson started teaching art as a 3rd grade classroom teacher and moved forward with the BTS/ALP program as an visual art specialist. She has received national recognition for her work in Utah's Youth Art Month program and has been the UAEA Elementary Visual Art Teacher of the Year. She is currently a BTS/ALP District Arts Coach and District Arts Coordinator for Duchesne County School District.