Kid Curators! Mini Exhibitions in the Classroom

Session 4: Grades 4-6

In connection with the new "presenting" Fine Arts standard, we will introduce what goes on behind-the-scenes of a museum exhibition and help you translate the steps of curating an exhibit to your elementary classroom! Your students will take on the role of a museum curator and create their own mini exhibitions. The skills they will learn through the curation process will benefit them in many different areas of learning. Experience the process yourself in our hands-on workshop and leave with all of the educational resources you will need to implement this in your class.


 Leslie Gleaves

Leslie Gleaves is the Museum Educator over Teacher Programs at the Springville Museum of Art. She received a bachelor’s degree in Art & Visual Communications with a minor in Art History, as well as a BFA in Photography from Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. Leslie develops resources and curriculum and conducts professional development workshops for teachers across the state working with the Utah State Board of Education as the coordinator for the Evenings for Educators program. She also oversees the Statewide Art Partnership (SWAP) committee. She loves meeting and connecting with teachers throughout the state and providing resources and opportunities for them to incorporate art into their classrooms.



 Jacqueline Hennessey

Jacqueline Hennessey is an Outreach Educator at the Springville Museum of Art. She is a recent graduate of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where she received a BA in Interdisciplinary Humanities and a minor in Art History. Jacqueline develops curriculum and resources for K-12 educators in Utah. She enjoys traveling the state and connecting with teachers and students in the classroom.