Art in a Matchbox

Sessions 3 & 4: Grades K-6

Is it a book? Is it a shrine? Is it it a secret place to tuck away your favorite quote? You decide! Since its introduction at the 1855 Paris Expo the matchbox has found its own little place in design history. From Sweden to India, matchbox design has ranged from minimalist to ornate. In this workshop we’ll find inspiration from Mexican matchbox art to artist books and explore what kind of tiny masterpieces we can create.

Céline Downen

Céline Downen pieces together community voices with elements of her natural surroundings to create a sense of place. Her artistic process can be summed up in three words: gather, piece, and stitch. Gather represents the collecting of materials, piece is the various processes used, and stitch is the end result, how everything comes to fruition. Trained as a photographer, Downen also explores mediums such as printmaking, book arts, and sculpture. She is UMOCA's first Educator-inResidence. Downen grew up in Salt Lake City and moved to Evanston, IL when she was eleven. She graduated with a B.A. in Photography from Columbia College in 1996, returning to Utah in 2006. In 2016, she completed an MFA in Community-Based Art Education at the University of Utah, where she currently teaches classes in the art education program. She is also the director of community outreach for the Downtown Artist Collective.