Mike! Maik’w! Yá’át’ééh! Greetings! Strengthen Roots Through Native American Arts and Culture

Sessions 3 & 4: Grades K-6

Come join us in the exploration of all four art forms through Native American cultures of Utah and the nation. Discuss cultural awareness and sensitivity by looking closely at accurate, authentic lesson plans. Come away with hands-on arts lessons inspired by Native American arts and culture. Strengthen the roots of your multicultural classroom.

Chris Roberts

Chris has taught children and adults for 34 years. He received his bachelor of science degree in elementary education and special education and a master’s degree in educational psychology (gifted and talented) from Brigham Young University. He has been teaching dance (along with everything else) to children every day for the past 14 years. Chris has taught dance workshops for the Utah State Office of Education and has co-taught with Marilyn Berrett in Brazil at the daCi World Conference. Chris was a keynote presenter at the Fall Networking Arts Conference in Ogden, Utah, and was a co-presenter in a panel and lecture demonstration (with Marilyn Berrett and Julie Ahlander) at the 2003 National Dance Education Organization conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He also co-presented a paper (with Marilyn Berrett) at the 2006 NDEO conference in Long Beach, California. Chris is a proud graduate of Anne Green Gilbert's Summer Dance Institute in Seattle, Washington. He loves giving children the opportunity to express their creativity through dance. In 2012, Chris received the Governor's Leadership in the Arts Award for Educational Leadership.


Brenda Beyal

Brenda Beyal taught in a multiage classroom in the Nebo School District for thirty-two years. The teacher team she worked with integrated the arts and the study of the environment into the students' daily study and learning. The last two years in the district she worked with Native American students and parents as an advocate and supporter. She also worked with teachers and district personnel, helping to create culturally responsive environments.