Surfing the Words: Creating a film score for any text

Sessions 1 & 4: Grades K–6

Learn how to incorporate music into any literacy experience for any aged learner, including reading, storytelling, poetry, debate, and public speaking. You'll first experience how to physically prepare the brain and breath of any learner to optimize learning. Next will follow a set of demonstrations where the voice is used to match the volume, pace and inflection of the music, which can be used as a film score for any piece of text. Be prepared to be authentically motivated to use music in concrete ways which will inspire your students and yourself.

Thinking Like DaVinci: Connecting Body to Engineering, Language, Math and More

Session 2: Grades K–6

Learn how to use the Art form of Embodiment and connect it to learning in the areas of engineering, language, social-emotional, math and communication skills. You'll first experience a quick review, which will also serve as an introduction to the Art form of Embodiment, where you become actions, objects, emotions and thoughts with your body (both individually and in groups). Next, you'll use that foundation as you play the game called "Thinking Like DaVinci." You'll be guided in creating physical objects with your fellow educators, and as the parameters change and eventually broaden, you'll be using your whole brain to figure out how to be efficient and inspired.

Music and Math: Using Music and Mathematical Equations to Deepen the Learning Experience

Session 3: Grades K–6

Learn how to read basic musical notation and teach your students to do the same, while making many natural connections to math. From PreK - High School students, you'll learn how to create mathematical equations using musical notation and your body. As a byproduct of using these strategies, your students will develop many skills, including critical and creative thinking, perspective building, prediction, approximation, addition, sets, and more. You'll also burn some calories!


Enrique Feldman

Enrique is an Artist and Educator who’s influence is worldwide. His highlights include: *Founder and Director of Education, Global Learning Foundation *Co-Author of the children’s book series “Sam the Ant” *Creator, iBG, Intellectual Brainwave Games *Senior Facilitator for Arts Integration Solutions *Author of “Living Like a Child” *Co-Producer and Performing Artist for theatrical show “The Inner Journey” *2-Time Grammy Nominated Composer and Artist Founded in 2000 with his mentor Dr. Carroll Rinehart, the Global Learning Foundation (GLF), formerly the F.A.M.E. Foundation, is focused on changing the paradigm from education to learning, with an emphasis on creating autonomous learners and using artistic approaches to engage the learner. Having served over 120,000 children and families, it has acted locally and thought globally from it’s inception. A thought leader in artistic, creative and innovative professional development, Enrique’s initiatives have been recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts, with it’s main focus on early childhood education. Enrique has presented numerous keynotes and workshops for organizations; from national entities such as ILA, NAEYC and NAFCC, many state and regional organizations such as NCAEYC, NYSAEYC, and thousands of local workshops for fathers, parents, and communities. Together with a team of world class educators and artists, and their partner organizations, Enrique fosters sustainable, organic and research-based learning models which develop the potential of the learner with the intent of revealing purpose. As an artist, Enrique is a film composer, pianist and producer. He is an active performing artist on piano and vocals and sings with the Tucson Symphony Orchestra Chorus. He is a former professor of music and education at the University of Arizona and the University of Wisconsin. His journey in life is interwoven with his wife and concert pianist Marie Sierra, their 19 year old son Nick, and their 23 year old daughter, Sam.