Top 5 Artful Thinking Strategies

Sessions 3 & 5: Grades K-6

Come and catch the top 5 best ways to integrate your creativity and critical thinking. Learn ways to become a more intuitive artful thinker. We will be reading, creating, doodling, and sharing the best ways to enhance artful thinking skills in the minds, hands, and hearts of your students. This class is for those who want new artful ideas. It is about using your eyes as lookers and taking your books for a walk. We will create new ways of seeing and revisiting old ways and learn the importance of using your head, hands, and heart to connect to learning. Be prepared to brainstorm and to visit new books and gather ideas for bringing the best of creativity, critical thinking and intuitive ways to yourself and to your students.

Jen TerryJen Terry

I have taught art integration in my kindergarten and 2nd grade class for 20 years. I now share art integration with art specialty teachers and classroom teachers in Alpine School District in K-6 grade and love to coach teachers on how to bring a creative mindset to their classrooms. I use picture books with most concepts and love how books create deeper meaning for children. I love how the arts flows into all subjects and how it allows kids to think deeper, create meaning and bring purpose and feeling to their life.