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Teachers who participate in BYU's Arts Leadership Academy are subsequently invited to participate in the BYU Arts Bridge program. In Arts Bridge, each participating teacher is paired with an arts scholar (a BYU student from one of the arts education programs), who works with the teacher to implement instruction in one art form and to integrate and infuse that art form into the classroom.

Each BYU arts scholar kept a blog that cataloged their activities and lesson plans with their classes. Here are some of our favorite ones to check out:

Lisa Moncur–Drama Scholar http://lisamoncurartsbridge1.blogspot.com/

Tyrel Hanby–Visual Art Scholar http://artsbridgequest.blogspot.com/

Kyla Threfall–Dance Scholar http://kylaartsbridge.blogspot.com/

If you are a BYU student that studies in the arts, we encourage you to apply to become an arts scholar in the BYU Arts Bridge Program! To download the application, or if you would like to know more about this program, please visit our website at: http://education14a.byu.edu/arts/arts_bridge

Here are some of our favorite photos from this past year:

class of young students



man instructs class of young students

Visual arts scholar instructs class at beginning of a lesson.


young girls working on art project

Girls have fun as they create art with food!


class of young students wearing drama costumes

Class play! These students performed Anasazi for their whole school!


class of young students standing in a circle on a basketball court

This class learned new dancing techniques to use to demonstrate learning across the curriculum.


young boys work on art project

Boys participate in a fun lesson using visual art.


woman teaching class

Arts scholars work with with the general education classroom to create lesson
plans that accomplish both goals of teaching core standards and integrating arts.


young kids huddling up in a classroom

Using the arts in your class will help the students
work together and build trusting relationships!


boys dancing

Boys have fun exploring movement and learning kinesthetically through dance.


class of students sitting with woman teacher

Great relationships are formed by working together in the arts.


boy wearing paper fish hat

Creativity is unleashed with the arts.


man and boy pretending to push a boulder in a classroom

Exploring heroism in drama; these two are trying to "move" a giant boulder.


man and boy pretending to hide behind a shelf cabinet

Uh-oh! Beware of the villains!


boy painting a planet with watercolor

Students creating their own world. They came up with
the ideas for their planet and then painted it with watercolors.


papers with watercolor swatches

Practice with ways to use watercolors.


paper puppets on puppet play stage

Puppet show with handmade puppets.


watercolor painting of flowers

Sample of some beautiful artwork from a younger artist.