We are excited to have Deb Brzoska with us at Arts Express 2011!

Deborah Brzoska is a nationally recognized leader in arts education who has worked with schools and artsDeb Brzoska organizations internationally and in nearly all fifty states. She is a former dancer and choreographer as well as the founding principal of an award-winning arts-centered public school.

Deb is a specialist in arts assessment and served as dance leader of the National Assessment of Educational Progress in the Arts.  She is a national teaching artist for The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, specializing in the professional development of teachers, school leaders and teaching artists. Deb has presented arts education workshops, seminars and institutes from Cairo to Pago Pago, including a ten-year arts integration project for the department of education in the state of Hawaii. She has written about arts education assessment for The Educational Testing Service, The Kennedy Center, Columbia College, and The College Board.


"Reflections: Making Arts Learning Visible"

Have you ever wondered:  How do I assess my students in the arts? How do I effectively document the impact of my program for parents, funders and other stakeholders?

The past two decades have seen exciting advancements in arts assessment practices that promise to improve arts learning and give teachers powerful evidence to advocate for the arts in schools.  Presenter Deb Brzoska draws on her experience as a dance educator and group leader of the National Arts Assessment to share effective methods for developing assessments in the arts that really matter. 

Deb grew up as the child of ballroom-dance-teaching parents where dancing around the house was like eating lunch – something everybody did.   So who says a keynote can’t be interactive? Prepare to move!


Dance Assessment in the K–3 Classroom

Ever had at least one kinesthetic student – you know, the kid who wiggles, darts and chases at every chance? Teachers in this workshop will learn how to channel the physical energy of young children into creative learning in a fear-no-movement environment.

Workshop leader Deb Brzoska shares simple but effective strategies to assess student learning in dance, including the children in the process.

Assessing Dance and Social Studies, Grades 4–6

Teachers are called upon to observe and assess student learning, not only in langage arts and math, but also in social studies and the arts as well. Classroom teachers may wonder: What dance standards are most important to teach and assess when time is of the essence? How can I assess student learning in lessons that integrate dance and social studies?

In this highly participatory workshop, teachers will work together to create dances based on themes from history and use simple tools to assess student learning in both subjects.