Department of Education ESOL/Bilingual ISD MA Program

Teach English Language Learners (TELL) developers have consulted and actually interviewed on screen most of the important scholars in the field today: Virginia Collier, Jim Cummings, Kenji Hakuta, Marguerite Ann Snow, Elizabeth Bernhardt, Ray Graham, Fred Genesee, Margie Berns, Deborah Short, and too many others to  specifically name here. This alone is quite an accomplishment!

I know of no other educational program which has even attempted to get cooperation of the most important (and busiest) scholars in the field. And TELL has included with these scholars' interviews comments from representatives of the host stakeholders, who are passionately interested in these issues: teachers, administrators, parents, community members, government officials, and, of course, the learners themselves. TELL has videotaped in a wide range of classrooms, which vividly demonstrate the perspectives offered by the many participants.


Center for Research on Education, Diversity, and Excellence - Santa Cruz, California

The scope of TELL's ambition is so great that it provides the opportunity for solutions that are fundamental to the future of teacher education in America. TELL has aspired to develop a program that provides all possible excellence in content knowledge, ethical, and moral solidity, pedagogical science, technological integration, and community articulation.

The coherence of the sequences of courses is impressive, guided by shared vision and a careful articulation of the content and goals of each course in relation to all other.