Gifted & Talented Endorsement

Teacher and Students

The BYU––Public School Partnership's gifted and talented committee has developed an endorsement (licensure) program for teachers who want to teach Gifted and Talented classes in Utah. This endorsement program is designed to meet the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) teacher licensing standards, as outlined by Utah's State Policies and Procedures Manual. This two-year program is based on current literature concerning identification and assessment techniques, teaching models and practices, instructional strategies, and creativity development.


This endorsement program is designed to develop three types of teacher knowledge: declarative, procedural, and contextual. Participants will become knowledgeable and skilled not only in understanding current research and best practice for teaching gifted children, but also in applying that knowledge in practical teaching experiences.


The endorsement program requires candidates to complete 16 semester hours of study and practica, including seven different courses. All courses and practica meet USOE standards as well as standards set by national organizations related to teaching gifted youth.

To be accepted to the program, applicants must have a valid teaching license in elementary, secondary, or special education, along with teaching experience. Candidates register for courses in this program through the BYU Division of Continuing Education using 515R course numbers.

Licensure Procedure

Once a candidate has successfully completed the required courses, practica, and electives, an application for the endorsement will be prepared by the district representative of the gifted and talented committee, and a letter will be prepared by the CITES office verifying that the candidate has completed the necessary courses and requirements for the endorsement. For this licensure application, candidates must provide the following:

  • An official transcript (NOT a photocopy) from any institution where they took the approved courses for the endorsement or where they received their bachelor's degree—with the gifted and talented courses highlighted
  • A check written to "USOE—Teacher Licensure" for an amount to be determined when the endorsement is requested
  • A USOE application which can be downloaded here

These materials will then be sent, along with the letter from the CITES office, to the USOE Licensing Division. A 14––16-week time period is usually required to process the request. For more information contact Moya Kessig, Curriculum Coordinator,

Licensure Application

Complete university coursework in each of the required areas.


  1. Your list of classes completed by:
    1. Instructor
    2. Class title
    3. Date of class
  2. Your university transcript(s) (photocopies or internet transcripts are not acceptable) with the relevant content courses highlighted
  3. The completed application which can be downloaded here
  4. A check for $45.00 written to USOE (approval will be posted to CACTUS.) Include an additional $15.00 if you would like to have a duplicate copy of the endorsement sent to you.

Send To:

Attn: Alena Allred
149 MCKB
Provo, UT 84602

We will verify the information, write a letter confirming the completion of the required classes, and submit all documentation to the Education Advisement Center, who will then send it to the State.