Founded by Dr. Jonathan Wisco, associate professor at BYU, Anatomy Academy is a five-to seven-week educational outreach program during the summer and fall. University student mentors volunteer to teach fifth and sixth grade classrooms in seven elementary schools in the BYU–Public School Partnership. Topics covered in the program include human anatomy, nutrition, and physiology through interactive and hands-on lessons.

Purpose & Goal

The Academy is part of an outreach and research program aimed at helping to combat childhood obesity through the support of the BYU Public School Partnership. The program is integrated with language arts to bring self-awareness on and promote healthy lifestyles to elementary school students.


University student mentors from a variety of majors in the sciences teach the academy to fifth and sixth grade students. The program allows university student mentors to experience teaching and interact with students in a classroom setting.


Each week at the Academy there is a different focus on a certain area of the body and how to keep it healthy.