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Visible Learningplus is a professional development program for teachers, which explores how evidence can be used to create impact and innovation in the learning environment. Along with our USA partner, Corwin, we are excited to share with you the research of a 20-year journey. Our vision is to lead educational thinking, design, and impact. We believe that Visible Learningplus will make a significant difference to the quality of teaching, learning, and ultimately student achievement.

Our intention during this Institute is to share not only the key research message, but to provide opportunities for you to think about the impact you have every day on every student in your classroom, school, and district. One of the key foundations and strengths of the Visible Learningplus model is that it can be applied in any school, district, or jurisdiction. We work with school and district leaders to understand the research and develop learning in their schools around five key strands; the visible learner, know thy impact, effective feedback, inspired and passionate teachers, and the Visible Learning school.

Institute Outcomes

Learn the key philosophy of Visible Learning and the major factors that influence student achievement and learning. Understand the importance of learning intentions and success criteria. Learn the importance of effect sizes as a useful way to measure progress. Understand the role of feedback.