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Undergraduate Courses

ComD 133  Introduction to Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
Overview of communication disorders, assessment strategies, and treatments.

ComD 320  Speech Anatomy
Basic anatomy and physiology of speech mechanisms.

ComD 330  Language Development
Overview of how children learn language, including its relationship to cognitive, neural, and social development; language development in bilingual, minority, and handicapped persons.

ComD 331 Clinical Phonetics
Transcription and analysis of normal and disordered sound production.

ComD 332  Language Science
Morphology, syntax, and semantic roles in language of children and adults; uses both manual and computer-assisted methods.

ComD 334  Hearing Science & Acoustics
Hearing anatomy, physiology, and science.

ComD 350  Language Disorders
Causes and characteristics of language impairment; techniques for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of language disorders.

ComD 351 Disorders of Articulation and Phonology
Causes and characteristics of phonological disorders; techniques for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment.

ComD 420 Neurofoundations of Language, Speech, and Hearing
Both normal and abnormal neurological systems in communication disorders are discussed as well as the basic science foundation of the neuroscience of communication disorders.

ComD 421  Speech Science
Scientific bases of normal and disordered speech production.

ComD 430 Medical Speech Pathology
The role of the speech-language pathologist in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. 

ComD 434 Pediatric Audiology (discontinued catalog number - see 442)
Basic principles of hearing assessment and aural habilitation in children from birth to eight years.

ComD 438  Hearing Tests and Measures
Theory and practice of auditory assessment.

ComD 442  Aural Rehabilitation
Basic principles of hearing assessment and aural habilitation in children from birth to eight years.

ComD 450  Professional Practices in Schools, Hospitals, and Clinics
Overview of issues related to clinical practice in public schools and other settings.

ComD 493  Readings
Facilitates advanced student learning and understanding of human communication

Graduate Courses

ComD 544  Psychoacoustics
Advanced studies in human psychoacoustics and hearing science.

ComD 600  Research Methods
Research methods in audiology and speech-language pathology. Applying statistical techniques; professional literature and writing.

ComD 601  Neurofoundations of Language, Speech, and Hearing
Neuroanatomy and neurophysiology underlying normal and impaired language, speech, and hearing processes.

ComD 610 Assessment & Diagnosis
Performing evaluations and determining how assessment informs clinical decision making and intervention in communication disorders.

ComD 617 Electrophysiological Testing
Electrocochleaography and auditory evoked potentials.

ComD 618 Vestibular Evaluation
Vestibular evaluation using electronystagmography.

ComD 619 Otoacoustic Emissions
Use of otoacoustic emissions in screening and diagnosis.

ComD 630  Child Language Intervention
Theories and practices in child language treatment.

ComD 633  Dysphagia Management
Assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders.

ComD 634  Head Trauma Management
Assessment and treatment of speech and language problems associated with traumatic brain injury.

ComD 636  Multicultural Issues in Speech-Language Pathology
Speech and language assessment and intervention with persons from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Specific topics include cultural diversity, bilingualism, and use of interpreters/translators.

ComD 657  Voice Disorders
Assessment and treatment of disorders of the voice.

ComD 658  Fluency Disorders
Assessment and treatment of fluency disorders, including stuttering.

ComD 674  Communicative Disorders of Individuals with Severe Disabilities
Assessment and treatment of persons with multiple handicaps, including augmentative communication training.

ComD 675  Motor Speech Disorders
Neuropathology, symptomotology, clinical assessment, and treatment of adult motor speech disorders.

ComD 676  Aphasia
Perspectives on the neurology, clinical assessment, and rehabilitation of aphasic language disturbances in adults.

ComD 677  Computer-Assisted Language Assessment
Evaluation and use of software for clinical analysis of children’s and adults’ with normal or impaired language.

ComD 679  Language Impairment in Children
Impact, assessment, and treatment of language impairment in children. In-depth evaluation, including analysis of conversational behaviors.

ComD 688R  Practicum in Communication Disorders
Clinical practicum.

ComD 679R  School-aged Language Disorders
Relationships among language, literacy, and academic functioning.