The new engineering building boosts programs in a big way

BYU is a flurry of activity this summer, and one of the main attractions is the construction of the new engineering building. It took four years and $80 million donated to get the new building underway. This building represents hard work and the selfless nature of many people, and it will finally be completed after much anticipation.

“When this building is complete, we believe it will positively benefit students, faculty and, ultimately, the world,” said BYU president Kevin J Worthen.

Alan Parkinson, dean of the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and Technology, was very pleased with the response to this project.

This building provides greater space for the college of engineering and more services for students and faculty alike. The new building will house 158 faculty offices and 54 teaching and project labs. The building will also feature a café available to all students.

“Personally and on behalf of the entire college community, I want to thank those who have donated," Parkinson said. "It has been a process that has involved many blessings. Alumni and friends of the college have stepped up in major ways, and other BYU colleges and departments have generously helped. Over the past three years, donations from nearly 18,000 BYU alumni and supporters have been directed to the building. Construction will be entirely funded by donations.”

The building focuses on improving the engineering program at BYU to make it more competitive with programs around the nation. There will be special laboratories focused on innovation and helping students build and test their products. The whole first floor will be a student innovation center that will help students collaborate on prototype projects.

Engineering is a team effort and collaborative process, and as such the new building is designed to be more open to encourage student interaction. This building will also

feature an events center, the first in the history of the program, which will help to encourage collaboration with other departments on campus and other programs from colleges around the nation.

This building is a vital part of the college of engineering and will have a greater impact than just at BYU.

Writer: Collin W Smith

Contact: Shauna Valentine (801) 422-8562