MTC expansion will increase capacity by 700

The Provo Missionary Training Center is expanding to accommodate the young men and women who have taken up the charge to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and share the gospel. With more and more missionaries accepting calls to serve, the flagship MTC needs to grow in order to take in all of the new missionaries.

The announcement lowering the missionary age was made in 2012 and brought in a wave of new missionaries. With all of the new traffic, the Church released plans to expand the Provo MTC to house, train, and feed 3,500 missionaries. The previous capacity was 2,800.

Construction began in the summer of 2015, and the expansion will be complete in 2017. The buildings being constructed right now on the corner of 9th East and University Parkway are going to house classrooms and offices for personal study and small-group activities.

The expansion does not include building new spaces for living quarters. However, some spaces within the residence halls are being remodeled to increase living space to accommodate the increase in people staying at the MTC.

The soon-to-be office buildings are located where the old BYU Laundry facility used to be and a new facility was built just down the road on 9th East. The MTC expansion includes three six-story buildings, 300 underground parking stalls, and improved outdoor space and landscaping.

There was initially pushback from the local Provo residents about how the new expansion and the buildings would impact the skyline. After these concerns were taken into account, there were a few revisions of the expansion, and the buildings that are going up now are a result of these changes.

Richard Jackson, president of FFKR, the company that designed the expansion, related how important it is to work with the community in these situations.

“We deliberately seek consensus so everybody feels like they’ve been heard—they might not get their way, but they’ll be heard—and that every opinion has value. And if you feel like you’ve been heard, you won’t throw a tantrum, if you have that atmosphere of trust,” said Jackson.

The Provo MTC is one of 15 training centers around the world. These centers teach and train missionaries before they go out into the mission field. There are currently over 74,000 missionaries serving worldwide.

Writer: Collin Smith

Contact: Shauna Valentine, (801) 422-8562