Applications Process

Application Deadline: February 5

To apply, please click here and begin your application.

Students who apply and are accepted to the program must enter the program during the semester for which they applied. If you plan on serving a mission before you enter the program, please specify the first semester you will return to BYU in your application.



  1. CPSE 403* (can be taken as early as freshman year)
  2. CPSE 425
  3. MthED 305

* Fingerprint background clearance is required to add this course. Please contact Education Advisement Center (350 MCKB) for more information.

Please be aware that there may be additional prerequisites if you plan on completing the optional TESOL minor or ASL courses.

Declare a Pre-Major

To declare your Pre-Major, you need to go to the Educational Advisement Center to talk with a counselor. The office is found on the northeast side of the 3rd floor in 350 MCKB. If you need help, you can contact them at (801) 422-3426.

Volunteer experience

Prior to applying to the program, students must complete 20 hours of volunteer work: 10 hours each in a mild/moderate and severe classroom/setting. Volunteer experiences are available with the following organizations (this list is NOT comprehensive)

Preferred Qualifications

  • At least 60 general education credit hours completed
  • Commitment to the profession of special education
  • 3.0 or higher high school/college GPA
  • Pass the ACT/SAT/Praxis (min. Scores below)
    • ACT (21 Composite, 20 English, 19 Math)
    • SAT (1000 Composite, 450 Verbal, 450 Math)
    • Praxis Core 5751 (156 Reading, 162 Writing, 150 Math)

Application Components

Entrance Form

All applicants must complete this form by submitting basic contact information, BYU ID/Net ID, and your GPA.


Technology Skills Assessment. This is a short multiple choice assessment that is take directly on MyLink. You can take it in about a 15-30 minute time period.

Candidate Dispositional Scale. All applicants must demonstrate proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and Internet use. These four assessments take 30 minutes each and can be taken in the TEC Lab (180 MCKB).

Exploratory Experience

This is the section of the application where you describe your 20 hour volunteer experience working with individuals who have mild/moderate and severe disabilities. The exploratory experience is described in three parts:

  • A log of the hours and location where your experience was completed
  • A description of the individuals with whom you worked including the different disabilities represented in your experience
  • A description of what you did to support the students with whom you worked


This is the section of the application where you describe your commitment to the field of special education. This section asks about your experiences in the following areas:

  • Working with students who are at-risk, culturally/linguistically diverse, or have disabilities
  • Collaborative professional experiences
  • Your beliefs about why you would make a good special educator


In this section, you can upload a copy of your high school or college transcripts if you have not already submitted them to BYU.

Please note: Applicants must commit to taking all coursework in sequence as listed, including spring/summer terms. In this program, each student is assigned to a cohort that takes all courses together in the outlined sequence. Deviation from this sequence is not permitted. The program starts each fall semester.

For step by step instructions for navigating mylink click here