Which classes should I register for?

Refer to Program Requirements on our homepage.

Which section am I supposed to take?

Courses offering multiple sections will usually be listed as either "mild/moderate only" or "severe only." Select the section for your program emphasis. If those options are not stated, then you may register for either section of the course.

How do I drop from the program?

Students who desire to withdraw/defer from the program need to pick up the Withdrawal/Deferral Form in 350 MCKB.

Can I take courses on my own schedule?

No. All courses must be taken at the scheduled time.

Can I change my emphasis?

Students who would like to change their emphasis must submit a letter to the program director requesting the change.

Can I apply for an internship?

All undergraduate students may apply if they meet all internship standards and criteria.

When I am finished with a test that I have checked out, how do I return it?

Applicants are responsible for making sure that all tests used for the assessment class are returned and checked back in. Students who leave tests sitting on a desk without handing them to a secretary will be responsible if the test is misplaced.

Can I make a course substitution?

Students may request that coursework from another university be substituted for one of their BYU requirements. To request a substitution, meet with an academic advisor in the Education Advisement Center in 350 MCKB. Substitution is approved on an individual basis.

Can I work during the program? If I have a job, how long can I keep it?

Most students are able to hold a part-time job while attending classes, but students are not required to have a job while completing the program.

What unexpected costs might come up? (e.g., internship application)

Students can anticipate needing to pay certain fees throughout the program. For example, all students must pay a fee for fingerprinting prior to applying to the program; also there is a registration fees for the PRAXIS exam.

For more information visit the Education Advisement Center.

What are the due dates for any applications?

All undergraduate application deadlines can be found on our home page.

How can I be more involved in the field?

  • Adaptive Aquatics

  • Friday's Kids Respite or other disability-related service organizations

  • Best Buddies

  • Student Council for Exceptional Children

  • Volunteer experience within the BYU–Public School Partnership school districts (Alpine, Jordan, Nebo, Provo, and Wasatch)

I don't have a vehicle. How can I get to all the schools?

Most students either ride the bus or join a carpool if they don't have a personal vehicle to travel to their practicum/student teaching/internship sites.