Detailed Application Instructions

To apply for the Special Education program, you first need to make an account in the mYlink application system.

Registering on mYlink

Go to

If you have never used mYlink before, click the “Register” button.

After completing all registration steps, verify the information is correct and click “Register My Account.”


Starting a New Application

Go to and make sure you are logged in.

To login to mYlink, click the “Login” link in the top right-hand side of the page.


To start a new application, click “Apply to an Education Program” in the Tasks panel.

In the new window, choose “Special Education” from the “Select Program” drop-down menu. A new menu will open to the right, in which you will select your chosen emphasis (mild/moderate or severe).


Click “View your SPED… application” in the Tasks panel to be directed to the main Special Education application checklist.


The admissions checklist will look like this:


On the left-hand side of the page, there is a list of each step that needs to be completed before submitting your application. There is no specific order these need to be done in. You can see the details of each item by clicking on the desired tab. As you complete each item, the red "X" next to each item will become a green checkmark. Once all items have a green checkmark, you may submit your application.

To finally submit the application, press the “Submit Application” button on the bottom left side of the page. Note that the application deadlines are listed above the submission button.


Go to mYlink