APA For Novices Appendix : Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) | Part 4

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) | Part 4

Body of the Document

  • Heading styles: Template heading styles should be used for chapter, section, and subsection titles. If you are using MS Word, Heading 1 style will be used for titles of chapters or major sections, and Headings 2 through 9 will be sections and subsections. The table of contents and PDF bookmarks can be created automatically if you use the template heading styles consistently.
  • Block quotations: Indent block quotations on the right as well as left (in contrast to APA format, which uses only left indentation).
  • Footnotes: For ETD submissions, footnotes (on bottoms of pages) are preferred over endnotes (at the end of chapter or document), as long as your department does not require the latter. Since APA format calls for in-text citations, footnotes will be limited to explanatory material and will probably be relatively rare.

Place a superscript arabic numeral in the place requiring the explanation and the footnote at the bottom of the same page. Number footnotes consecutively throughout the body of the text.

Back Pages

The final materials should conform to the university's minimum standards and to the department's specifications.

  • References: If you are using APA, use the APA reference list formats given in chapter 3 of this manual. Those not using APA are not going to be reading this anyway.
  • Appendices: If there is just one appendix, the heading Appendix should be centered at the top. If there are multiples, they should be designated Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C etc. For ETD documents, you may want to include source code, computer program output, or figure references linked to multimedia pieces in appendices.
  • Vita: A vita indicating relevant aspects of your academic achievements (degrees held) and professional experience (positions held) is optional. You may include your date of birth and your family if you consider these relevant or advantageous. Center your name at the top (in the form you gave it on the title page).