APA For Novices Appendix : Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) | Part 3

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) | Part 3

Preliminary pages

The content and formatting of preliminary pages for the ETD is the same as for any thesis or dissertation submitted to Graduate Studies. Additions and variations for ETDs are italicized in the list below.

  • Title page: title, author, university, degree, department, month and year of graduation.
  • Optional copyright page: You have copyright assurance; whether you want to proclaim it in print is your choice.
  • Graduate Committee Approval: Include the same signature blanks, even though the signatures will not appear on the electronic page.
  • Final Reading Approval and Acceptance: Again, designate space for the ghost signatures.
  • Abstract: It's still 350 words (approximately 1 pages). The abstract will go online in the library's bibliographic record. Dissertation abstractions will also go in the catalogue Dissertation Abstracts. For the ETD, grant information may be provided in a separate paragraph immediately after the abstract.
  • Optional acknowledgement page: If you feel gratitude to anyone, express it.
  • Table of Contents: Give numbers and titles for the chapters and sections, with the page numbers on which these begin. Each entry on the Table of Contents should be a hyperlinked to the actual headings. In the PDF file, the hypertext links may be in the form of bookmarks.
  • List of Multimedia Objects: List each of the multimedia pieces by number, title, and page on which it appears. This includes audio and video clips and simulations as well as the more standard tables, graphs, equations and diagrams. Separating the List of Tables and List of Figures is optional but recommended.