APA For Novices Appendix : Formatting the Beast

Formatting the Beast

This manual began with the concept of professionalism and now we're back to it. Margins, fonts, spacing, paper weight and other bothersome details do not reflect your quality of mind or talent for research. But following professional guidelines reflects your commitment to your profession. Scholarly products of Brigham Young University need to reflect professional discipline and concern, and they need to do so with consistency. So take a deep breath and conform! The following conventions are required for theses or dissertations submitted in hard copy:

  • A thesis or dissertation should be double spaced and typed with a 10-12 point serif typeface (Times Roman and Palatino are recommended). Elaborate or unusual typefaces should not be used.
  • The document should be single sided if under 300 pages, double sided if more.
  • The pages of the body of the text and the appendices are numbered consecutively, beginning with the arabic numeral 1. Those preliminary pages that are numbered are numbered consecutively with lowercase roman numerals.
  • First-level headings in a thesis or dissertation are usually chapter titles, each beginning on a new page. The graduate school at BYU requires that the titles of preliminary pages be in all caps, and many students using APA format like the consistency of having their chapter titles in all caps even if their document only uses four heading levels and would not normally use this heading style. BYU allows this option if the student's department and college or school approve.
  • If your thesis or dissertation is to be submitted to the library electronically, specific ETD formatting is required. This can be obtained from the ETD website. These processes and formats will be introduced and summarized later in this appendix.

The library does not require a hard copy of ETD documents, but particular departments may request hard copies for their archives.