Summer is here!

During Winter Semester, the faculty and students have been hard at work. Departmental Scholarships were given, articles were published, and most importantly, student-teacher relationships flourished and the students of the Educational Leadership and Foundations are now one semester closer to becoming our future leaders in schools.

Alumni News: Garrick Peterson receives education leadership award

As Principal of Lakeridge Junior High in Utah County, Garrick Peterson is an exceptional educational leader who recently received an award for his efforts to mentor McKay School graduate students who are preparing to enter his profession. Peterson received the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) award for his contributions to the School Leadership Program in the McKay School Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations, working through the BYU-Public School Partnership.

“I always accept interns from the McKay School leadership programs,” said Peterson. “I work with them and train them as part of their master’s program to become principals.”

In addition to accepting interns, Peterson invites McKay School students to Lakeridge to learn more about what they can do as future leaders and to provide positive experiences for his faculty. “When BYU brings their school leadership students, it benefits my faculty,” said Peterson. “It is good because it helps them remember why they do what they do.”

Peterson said his own experience in the McKay School Leaders Preparation Program (LPP) helped him understand the important leadership role of administrators play in schools. As he excels in his administrative role, he helps his interns gain that same vision as they become educational leaders.

“My whole framework changed after going through [LPP],” said Peterson. “I understood that . . . if you play [this role] well, you can really make a difference in the lives of kids.”

BYU-Public School Partnership helps EDLF Interns

Principal Melville and Intern Daniel Horne

Pictured here is Principal Jim Melville of Freedom Elementary (left) along with ExSL administrative intern Daniel Horne (right). Horne is currently a teacher at Mountain Ridge Jr. High in Highland, Utah.

Mr. Melville's 20 plus years of administrative experience in Alpine School District helps to provide Horne with invaluable opportunities and insights into the Profession of School Administration. Such internship experiences are a win-win situation as the mentor principal receives valuable help from the intern at the school, while the intern gleans valuable experience while working for and alongside great administrators like Mr. Melville.

New Student Placements

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 LPP Interns who were appointed to educational leadership positions!

Rhett Rowley at Payson High School as a teacher on administrative assignment in Nebo School District
Christine Christensen as an elementary assistant principal in Granite School District
Brittany Gilson as an elementary assistant principal in Granite School District
Mandy Braby as an elementary assistant principal in Jordan School District
Ilene Strong as an elementary assistant principal in Alpine School District
Wade Tischner as an assistant principal at Salem Hills High School in Nebo School District

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 ExSL Interns who were appointed to educational leadership positions!

Shanna Ballard as a teacher on special assignment in Provo School District
Karen Brown as an assistant principal at Provo High School in Provo School District
Matthew Dias as an assistant principal in Alpine School District
Ryan Murray as a principal in Nebo School District