The inaugural edition of the McKay School's Department of Educational Leadership & Foundations School Leadership Program Newsletter is being sent to you because you are an ExSL or LPP student or you have been identified as one of our district partners responsible for making our programs a success. We thank you for your support!

Student Spotlight

Amy Marsh

Amy is currently working as an administrative intern with Barry Beckstrand at Westmore Elementary in Orem. Amy said, "I've really enjoyed learning from Barry about how to create a safe learning environment for all students by eliminating bullying within the school." Amy has also taken interest in the school's collaboration efforts and their use of technology to make collaborating about common assessments an easier process. 

Mentor Spotlight

 Principal Verneita Hunt

Principal Verneita Hunt and ExSL intern Aaron Whitehead are shown here working together to finalize the last few weeks of Aaron’s internship at Crestview Elementary in Salt Lake City. Verneita, principal of Crestview Elementary, has 25 years of teaching and administrative experience and has also been the principal of Cottonwood and Taylorsville Elementary Schools. Verneita holds a Master’s degree from BYU where she participated in the Leadership Preparation Program.

Sharing the Journey through Reflective Storytelling - Jess Christen

Stay out of the dugout - Make sure your stories have a purpose. Some stories aren’t worth retelling.

The politics of education - Be open-minded as you hear experts and professors talk about best practices. They rely heavily on research to bring you the most up to date information that is available. Your job as practitioners is to sift through all of the best practices and to implement how it best fits your setting.

Do you understand the language? - Don’t be too quick to judge, things aren’t always as they seem. As you do your internships follow the policies and procedures that are in place. (Don’t make deals) Make note of those things you like and those things that you would change if you were in charge and implement at the appropriate place and time.

Best athletic administrator ever - Be reflective of how you might be perceived by others. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Make your weaknesses strengths, be honest with yourself and continually seek to improve.

We are all learners - I have learned something new from every intern I have had. You have experiences that can be beneficial to a seasoned administrative team. When you have ideas or see how things might be improved, speak up, at the appropriate place and time.

Enjoy the journey - Administration is extremely hard work. Take a minute each day to find the good in the work you do and all those you work with. You make a difference. Love the job.

Partnering with Host Districts

The ExSL Host-District Model engages district administrators in coursework in two ways

1) Teaching Partners - District office and school administrators serve as teaching partners and work directly with faculty to augment instruction throughout the program.  Host-District teaching partners provide a direct link to district policies, culture, processes and technologies. 

2. Guest Speakers - The Host District provides district office and school administrators to serve as ExSL guest speakers. In Dr. Pamela Hallam's finance class, three Alpine administrators in various roles shared different aspects of financial issues facing the district.  The involvement of guest speakers in the classroom creates a stronger interface for candidates between their coursework and their future administrative roles in the Host District.

(Above) Rob Smith, assistant superintendent over business services in Alpine, explained district funding acquisition and allocation.

Congratulations to our 1st host-district 2009 ExSL graduating cohort! 

Picture taken at the closing social. Front row right to left: Shannon Dulaney, Belinda Talonia, Kate Ross, Solonna Thomas, Colleen, Philipp, Erin Thomas, Pam Hallam. Second row right to left: Julie Hite, Chris Sorenson, Andrea Green, RDeen Huerta, Cherstine Willis, Shelley Schroeder, Tami Beach, Geo Guzman. Third row right to left: Scott Ferrin, Rebecca Smith, Aaron Whitehead, David Beck, Victor Larsen, Zach Eager, John Shelton, Stephen Pyeatt, Sterling Hilton, Peter Clarke. Not pictured: Amy Marsh.