Schedule and Curriculum

The curriculum of the School Leadership Program focuses on developing effective school leaders based on current research. The EDLF faculty members work to align this curriculum with local priorities and accreditation standards and to prepare students to pass the state-required Administrative Praxis examination (ETS 0411).

Additional information may be found in the Student Program Handbook .

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Master Course Schedule

The master course schedule provides the projected course schedule for all tracks and cohorts for two years. See your track schedule and plan out your program path. School Leadership students may register for courses with any track and cohort. All schedules are subject to change.


Class Schedules

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The following courses below are required. (Download this Study List.)

Leadership for Learning

601 Leadership for Learning Communities (2 credits)

602 Strategic Leadership for School Improvement (3 credits)

627 Instructional Leadership 1: Principal’s Role in Leading a Learning Community (3 credits)

629 Instructional Leadership 2: Supervisor’s Role in Improving Teaching & Learning (3 credits)

668 Philosophical Foundations of Western Education (2 credits)

Equity and Social Justice

614 Education of Diverse Populations (2 credits)

622 The Law and Education (3 credits)

650 Education Policy (3 credits)

School Operations and Resources—Leadership and Management

610 Human Resource Administration in Education (3 credits)

620 Education Finance (3 credits)

631 The Curriculum: Theory and Practice (3 credits)

Informed Decision Making

676 Data-Driven Decision Making I: Concepts and Processes (3 credits)

677 Data-Driven Decision Making II: Assessing Outcomes at Multiple Levels (3 credits)

Internship, Reflective Seminar, and Project

632R Administrative Internship (3 credits)

635R Reflective Internship Seminar (LPP and ExSL Tracks)

  • LPP Track (2 credits)

  • ExSL Track (1 credit)