Jaynie C. Mitchell, M.A.
MSE Grant Development Specialist
306C MCKB ext. 23067

Happy Holidays!

Budget Reminder

MSE Research, Experiential Learning, and Mini-grant funds budgeted for 2019 must be fully expended by the end of December. Funding designated for 2019 does not roll over, even if your grant extends into 2020.

Annual reports for all types of MSE internally funded projects in the year 2019 are due by February 15, 2020. In preparation, please track the number of students employed, presentations made, and publications submitted or accepted.

Questions about your budget? Contact Steve Christensen at for year-end do’s and don’ts.

2018 Annual Report of Sponsored Research

The report is in! Last year, BYU received $33 million in research funding from federal, state, and private funders! Of that, $14 million paid for salaries and wages for faculty, staff, and students, and $18 million went to other expenses such as equipment, consultants, employee development, travel, and supplies.

The Mckay School of Education received $1,016,913 in external funding, and 21 faculty submitted external proposals! Want to know more? See the details!

New Research Management Software

Announcing Kuali Research, an online interface for all BYU external funding submissions. Find training materials online. Contact Jaynie for more information!