2020–2021 McKay School Theme

“And the Lord called his people Zion, because they were of one heart and one mind, and dwelt in righteousness; and there was no poor among them.”
—Moses 7:18


Message From the Dean's Office

"What makes Jim and Colleen so special? I think it is because they have the Christmas spirit all the time." Associate dean Lynnette Erickson shares with us her heroes as part of the #LightTheWorld campaign.

Faculty Accomplishments

We appreciate all the publications that were submitted this month! Take a moment to look at some of what our faculty members accomplished this year. And keep sending in your publications and other accomplishments; we love seeing and sharing them!


In the News

TEd professors Melissa Newberry, Ryan Nixon, and Richard Osguthorpe were interviewed about COVID's effects on the future of education in The Daily Universe.

Brenda Beyal and Heather Sundahl of the BYU ARTS Partnership cowrote a beautiful Deseret News op-ed on how to authentically honor indigenous tribes during Native American Heritage Month and this Thanksgiving season.

Research by CPSE professors Terisa Gabrielsen and Ryan Kellems was featured in the Daily Herald. And if you want to get your little one involved in research early, they're looking for infant participants aged 8 to 12 months old. More details in the article!



The BYU–Public School Partnership was recently accepted as a member of the National Network of Education Research-Practice Partnerships. The network is made up of more than 40 research-practice institutions across the United States, and the Partnership will join the NNERPP's efforts in improving the relations between research, policy, and practice in education. This is the latest success for the BYU-PSP, which won a national award for Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement earlier this year.

Kelly Newbold (center) is retiring this month from his position as an academic advisor for elementary and special education majors. The McKay School is incredibly grateful for all he has done for students throughout his career, and we wish him the best in retirement.

Jay Oliver (far right) is also retiring this month from his position as an advisor to teaching majors in the FHSS Advisement Center. Before that, he was the head of the McKay School's Education Advisement Center. Oliver will always be a friend of the McKay School, and we wish him a joyful retirement.

The BYU Latter-day Saint Educators Society board will be selecting interview candidates for its new podcast, Seek Learning, which is set to launch in 2021.
Each episode will discuss MSE faculty research, practical application to the audience’s profession/home/family/gospel living, and what brought the faculty member to decide on education/communication disorders as a field of study and career. The target audience is MSE alumni (full- or part-time professionals, full-time parents) friends, current students, MSE faculty and staff, and seminary and institutes teachers and administrators.
If you are selected, thank you for considering this opportunity. And don't forget to share it with friends!

The first two Fridays of December, BYU is hosting a virtual lecture series on the topic of race and Christianity featuring Willie James Jennings, associate professor of systematic theology and Africana studies at Yale Divinity School. Check out the flyer for more details on topics and registration, and feel free to share with your students!

The Peery Film Series continues this month with the McKay School's sponsoring of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. The film is available until December 12, and a private donor will donate $2 for each BYU employee or student who registers for the film. The donations will be sent to the Academy for Creating Enterprise, an organization that lifts families out of poverty through self-reliance and entrepreneurial training.


Additionally, on December 2, director of the Ballard Center Todd Manwaring will be hosting a virtual discussion on poverty at 6 p.m. MST. Register here.


Nancy Peery Marriott Award: Excellence in Scholarship

"You can’t help also feel some of his excitement; it’s contagious. His passion is definitely contagious, and we feel that as students." Check out the video for this year's Nancy Peery Marriott Excellence in Scholarship winner, Doug B. Petersen.

Nancy Peery Marriott Award: Excellence in Scholarship


Assistant teaching professor Rebecca Hunter is one of TEd's recent hires. Get to know a few of her favorite things and her path to academia!

Giveaway Winners

Big thanks to Doug Petersen (ComD) and Spencer Weiler (EdLF) for sending in the most publications last month! They're enjoying some delicious holiday goodness.

December Giveaway

Do you know which Christmas song was originally sung at Thanksgiving? Try out our Christmas music crossword puzzle for a chance to win a comical start to your day—literally.


December 01 | Devotional: Matthew Wickman, Professor of English
December 08 | Devotional: Scott D. Whiting, General Authority Seventy
December 10 | Last Day of Fall Semester
December 17 | Last Day of Final Exams
December 28 | Fall Semester Grades Due
January 11 | First Day of Winter Semester
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