2014–2015 McKay School Theme “Be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity” (1 Timothy 4:12).

McKay School employees noted the following acts of charity this month.

  • I love my students who help me remember what education is all about! Good luck with finals.—Dr. M
  • Every night after work my coworker, Courtney, drives me home so I don’t have to walk to my apartment alone in the dark. She is so nice.
  • Professor Tim Smith met me on campus at 8:30 a.m. to give me life advice and career advisement! Who does that?!
  • Thanks for helping me carry my heavy load, Daniel from the math department. It made my day! And saved my back.
  • Someone gave me great feedback on a project. It was hard to take, but helpful.
  • This morning two students who were not wearing ear buds or texting looked up at me and said, “Good morning.” It made me happy. I needed that today.
  • I give my bus driver a banana every Friday afternoon and free candy to my co-workers.
  • My professor gave us extra time on our test!
  • I wasn’t able to have lunch before work, so my boss (Tim) gave me pizza.
  • My professor, parents, and friend prayed for me to do well on my exams!

Please keep watching for acts of charity. Let us know when you see something that makes you proud to be a part of our McKay School team. Send comments to mckayprteam@byu.edu. and tweet them using #McKayCharity.


Thank you to everyone who attended CLASS-Y Day. Here are the comments we received about it.


  • I’m thankful that we had assigned tables so I could become acquainted with people I didn’t know before.
  • I really like these people!!
  • I’ve enjoyed getting to know new people! ?
  • This is a great opportunity to get to know my peers better.
  • What a fun way to get to know the people at our table. Love the penny date activity!
  • All of us here are teachers, whether we taught in the public schools or not. We teach at the university. We teach each other as faculty and staff.
  • So many faculty and staff made this day a priority in their day. ?
  • I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the people I work with—what a fantastic opportunity for me to associate daily with them.
  • Grateful to work with positive and supportive colleagues.
  • It is sooo nice to have practicing educators among us!
  • Love the mixing of my peers throughout the day.
  • Thanks for mixing everyone up across departments—I loved getting to know them better!
  • I love getting to know the others in the MSE and about their lives.
  • What a great blessing to connect with each other. This will build our MSE culture.
  • I love this opportunity to get to know people I have passed in the halls in the McKay.
  • So great to spend time with MSE folks and get to know them better.


  • I appreciate the variety of activities planned for today. I like the Four Corners Activity—this helps us to briefly share our opinions and visually see where others stand.
  • Loved the video about the softball players and that we could discuss The Habits of the Heart.
  • If we can implement The Habits of the Heart it will change our school/department.
  • We had good discussions with the jigsaw activity. I like how we keep switching groups to learn from and share with other people.
  • Loved the five-minute university video! Really hit the point!
  • Loved the Clayton Christensen video—Thanks Leigh!
  • Appreciate the opportunity to think about whether we are and if so how well we are preparing students for active citizenship.
  • Today has reminded me to be a better, more positive citizen—I love my country!
  • Great to have philosophical discussions.
  • I loved the Provo Canyon geology tour.
  • The bus ride tour and geology lesson were excellent.
  • I was glad to be able to think of things positively—even around difficult and perhaps contentious issues. People looked for solutions, not whining opportunities.
  • Quite a variety of presentations and interesting ideas to consider.

Bob Bullough’s “Teaching as a Calling” Discussion

  • Teaching as a life calling (unlike a church calling where you are released) is very thought-provoking. I can relate!
  • Bob Bullough’s presentation was inspiring!
  • Teaching IS the greatest call.
  • It’s interesting to hear others’ experiences with “Teaching as a Calling.” Helps us to get to know each other more personally.
  • “Teaching is a way to spend life” —Bullough recruitment theme
  • Bob helped me think more deeply about the choice to be a teacher. Thanks.
  • Teaching has become too hard unless you believe that teaching is a calling!
  • Great discussions on how we were “called” into the education field.
  • Loved Bob’s presentation on teaching as a calling. It really does feel right!
  • It was fun to think about how I and others felt called into teaching.

Buddy Richards’ “The Educated Citizen” Discussion

  • Buddy’s talk was well researched and well presented.
  • Buddy’s talk drove home the importance and influence of good teachers.
  • Buddy’s presentation was life changing.


  • As the time of Elder Perry’s funeral is upon us, I appreciate the support of so many who have made BYU possible, and BYU and the MSE who support an activity like today’s conversations.
  • Privileged to be at BYU.
  • I’m thankful every single day that I work in the McKay School of Education.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to teach in a public school partnership.
  • BYU has great potential for international ed. collaboration.

Teaching/Life Comments

  • Teaching is still rewarding—the ah has and lights that go off in the mind of a child are priceless. H-
  • God loves all His children (application to students with disabilities). He wants them to succeed. We can be instruments to help that happen.
  • Crucible—for developing identity, for becoming clear about self. Fundamental nature of teaching is relational—opportunity to engage with others.
  • Dedication to the common welfare of the community.
  • Life is soooo good.
  • “Ponder” [written in another language].
  • I’m learning to appreciate many things.
  • Teachers stand for something—children.

Class-Y Day in General

  • Thank you for a great day!
  • So grateful to have been a part of such a well organized day! Thank you to the dean’s office for all that went into organizing it.
  • Great celebrations with balloons and prizes! Yeah!
  • Lots of people stayed all day! Nice! ?
  • Thanks for the opportunity to “retreat.”
  • I love Class-Y Day! It’s like being able to participate in Leaders’ Associates, to which I am not invited. Thank you—please do this every year (or twice a year).


  • It is fantastic to have cold Coke Zero.
  • I <3 food!
  • Lunch was delicious! Thank you!
  • The morning breakfast was superb.
  • Great breakfast—thank you!
  • Utah has good produce, but Illinois has better corn.

Location and Weather

  • This is an energizing place.
  • Provo Canyon is beautiful today. Deer Creek is full and picturesque. We have so much to enjoy.
  • More moisture has fallen.
  • I think the world is beautiful this morning!

Specific People

  • Yeah Pam!
  • So happy to sit by Maria!
  • Mary Anne Prater is a fabulous leader for the McKay School—competent, kind, caring, fun!
  • Thanks Paul and Jim for the personal stories to make The Habits of the Heart more “real”!

The McKay School in Pictures

Take a look at what faculty and friends of the McKay School have been up to during the spring term.

Photo submitted by Rick West. A model shows his gratitude for the hats given out at the McKay School Fiesta.

Charles Graham and Aaron Popham celebrate at the fiesta.

The Arts Express Conference was held in June.

Here are some of the moments we captured at Class-Y Day.

The Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. John B. King Jr., visited BYU to learn about the BYU–Public School Partnership.