"But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do good . . . is inspired of God." —Moroni 7:13

On a Staircase

Congratulations to the McKay School's very own BYU–Public School Partnership for receiving the Exemplary Professional Development School Achievement Award this past month at the National Association for Professional Development Schools 2020 Conference! Read about the award here.


Dean's Office Message


"I know I have room for improvement in how I treat others—both in my actions and my thoughts. I am committed to asking myself hard questions and working daily to live in greater love, forgiveness, and healing." Read Associate Dean Tina Taylor's message on condemning racism and building greater unity in the McKay School. 

McKay Grants & Awards


The 2020 MSE internal grant recipients are in! Check out their grant-winning research proposals—and don't miss out on upcoming grant deadlines and writing workshops.



Faculty Accomplishments


A high five to all faculty and staff who helped with the McKay School's 3MT! And an equally high five to those who submitted to this month's Faculty Accomplishments.

In the News


Read more about Kawika Allen's (CPSE) research on scrupulosity and the brain in this article from The Daily Universe



Building Zion


The spread of COVID-19 is not a matter of if, but when. Still, our best defense is to remain calm and stay informed. Share BYU Risk Management & Safety's update on the virus and show compassion toward those potentially affected by the disease (such as international students whose travel plans may be frustrated by the outbreak or those with preexisting medical conditions).



Need a break? Spend some time on the second floor of the MCKB in the Student Art Gallery sponsored by the Beverley Taylor Sorenson BYU ARTS Partnership. The first exhibit features culinary-inspired works from Lakeview Elementary students. (Spoiler: these elementary schoolers are trailblazers in flavor!)

The greatest things about teaching


Employee Spotlight

Mary Smart

She loves working with kids, eating smoked oysters, and camping with her family. Meet Mary Smart, EIME's new-ish program secretary!


Upcoming Events & Deadlines


Why are meta-analyses so essential in contemporary research? How can I evaluate the quality of meta-analyses? How do I conduct my own meta-analysis? Join us for a spring term professional development seminar to learn about systematic literature reviews and meta-analytic methodology! The seminar is available to both MSE faculty and graduate students. Upon completion of this course, faculty will receive $300 in their research accounts. Interested? Please contact Tim Smith ASAP.



The Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is investigating on-campus childcare options for BYU faculty, staff, and students. Please take this brief, anonymous survey to help FAC better understand the demand for childcare on campus, even if you do not currently have children at ages that require childcare. Your responses are extremely valuable!


Giveaway Winners


Congrats to Connie Sommers (ComD) and Sarah Rollo (External Relations), MSE's very own chocolatiers and newest converts to chocolate alfajores!

March Giveaway


We all know our history, but what about our herstory?
Take our Women's History Month Quiz for a chance to win a copy of this book about Utah women activists.

Mary Smart


March 4–5 | Teaching for Learning Conference
March 4 | Forum: Trina Spencer, University of South Florida
March 5 | Benjamin Cluff Jr. Lecture: Jennifer Adair, UT Austin
March 10 | Devotional: Steven M. Sandberg
March 12 | BYU 3MT
March 17 | Devotional: Jack N. Gerard
March 20 | Spring Day—No classes
March 24 | Forum: Dambisa Moyo
March 31 | Performance Devotional

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