MUR Application

The Mentored Undergraduate Researcher program in the School of Education at Brigham Young University provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work with faculty mentors on joint research projects. For more information, see the MUR Program Description.

To apply for a MUR position, send an email message to or indicating your interest in participating in the program. Provide your name, email address, educational background, professional experience, professional interests and skills. You may also include a link to a personal web page and/or resumé if you want. The information you provide will be used by the faculty to help them decide if you would fit into their research program. You will receive an email reply confirming receipt of your expression of interest.You may also receive an email telling you of faculty who are looking for a MUR student. If you have already talked with one of them and both of you have agreed to work together, please inform Dr. Davies or Dr. Larsen in your email message.