MUR Faculty Application Process

The Mentored Undergraduate Researcher program within the School of Education at Brigham Young University provides opportunities for undergraduate students to work with faculty mentors on joint research projects. For more information, see the MUR Program Description.

To participate as a faculty mentor in the MUR program

Please submit a proposal by email to Randall Daves or Ross Larsen at or Your proposal should address the following questions:

    1. Your name, address, telephone number and email address.
    1. The name of the project you are asking to have the student work on and some details about the project, including:
        1. What questions or problems lead to this research study?
        1. What does relevant literature say about this question or problem?
        1. What is the study's purpose?
        1. What methods or approaches will be used to meet the purpose?
        1. How will the data be analyzed/interpreted?
        1. How will the results be shared, presented, published?
        1. What role will the student assistant (MUR) play?
        1. What will you, the faculty member, do to mentor the MUR?
        1. What products might you and the MUR share with the School of Education as evidence of the value of this mentoring program?
      1. What additional or alternative forms of support for this research project have you considered or are you considering?
    2. Any skills (language, experience, etc) and time constraints (days of the week, hours of the day, etc.) which the MUR must meet.
  1. Any other information you think might entice an undergraduate student to want to work on the project and be mentored by you.

After your proposal has been reviewed and approved you will be notified by email.

You are encouraged to invite any students that you might like to work with to apply for a MUR position. Direct students to MUR Applications for information about the student application process.