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Behaviour & Information Technology (BIT)
British Educational Research Journal (BERJ)
British Journal of Educational Technology

Change: The Magazine of Higher Education
Chronicle of Higher Education 
Cognition and Instruction
Comparative Education
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine (CMC)
Computers and Education
Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
Continuing Higher Education Review

Educational Forum (EF)
Educational Review
Educational Research Abstracts Online (ERA)
Educational Technology and Society
Educational Technology Research and Development

From Now On

Harvard Educational Review (HER)
Higher Education Research and Development

Journal of Computer Assisted Learning
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (JCMC)
Journal of Computing in Higher Education
Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Journal of Distance Education
Journal of Educational Computing Research
Journal of Educational Research (JER)
Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP)
Journal of Experimental Education
Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME)
Journal of Instruction Delivery Systems (JIDS)
Journal of Interactive Learning Research (JILR)
Journal of Interactive Media in Education (JIME)
Journal of Research on Technology in Education
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education

National FORUM of Applied Educational Research Journal
National Teaching and Learning Forum

MDRC Educational Research 

Oxford Review of Education

Performance Improvement Quarterly
Philosophy and Technology
Philosophy of Education Yearbook

Quality in Higher Education

T.H.E. Journal
The American Journal of Distance Education
The Journal of the Learning Sciences
The Internet and Higher Education
Theory Into Practice (TIP)
Transactions on Computer Human Interaction (TOCHI)


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