Master's Evaluation Project Report Outline

The evaluation project is designed to help the student apply information acquired through coursework and reading to actual evaluation settings.  Additionally, the project allows the student to assume at least some of the responsibility for conduct of an actual evaluation.  Projects should represent a defensible effort.  The report must use appropriate and professional formatting guidelines.  The report should include the following:

  1. Background information, literature and other contextual information relevant to the evaluation.
  2. Stakeholders, audiences, and/or other information users who care about the evaluand and its evaluation.
  3. The evaluand or thing to be evaluated as defined by the stakeholders.
  4. Purposes, issues, concerns, information needs, or questions asked by the stakeholders that are to be answered by the evaluation.
  5. Criteria and standards the stakeholders have for judging the evaluand.
  6. Design and procedures followed in the evaluation to answer the stakeholders' questions, including information to be collected, selection of samples, the calibration and inclusion of data collection instruments and/or procedures, resources and personnel used.
  7. Description of the data analyses and interpretations for each question.
  8. Results and recommendations of the evaluation and how they are being shared with the stakeholders.
  9. In a separate document to be submitted with the evaluation report, a critique specifying the strengths and weaknesses of the evaluation describing how it could be improved given greater time and resources. This critique should refer to relevant literature, particularly to metaevaluation standards that are published and appropriate
  • Compare the actual schedule with the proposed schedule and note reasons for discrepancies.
  • Compare the actual costs with the proposed budget and note reasons for discrepancies.

See the Evaluation Checklist [Word] for a more detailed outline of the Evaluation Proposal or Report.

See the Evaluation Project Template [Word] for a template for the Master's Project Report.

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