Master's Research Project Report Outline

The project should be a data-based investigation of a conclusion-oriented question (decision-oriented investigations are most generally considered to be evaluation projects). As well, the project report should be of publishable quality. You may begin your research project as soon as you have completed coursework related to the methodology you plan to implement.

The report should include the following:

  1. Title and Abstract: An appropriate and descriptive title and 150-word abstract, formatted correctly
  2. Problem: Provides a concise statement of the problem, need, or questions investigated.
  3. Literature:  Critically reviews and analyzes the professional literature relevant to the problems investigated.
  4. Method:  Describes the research design in enough detail to permit replication. Description should include an explanation of the sample, data collection procedures, and statistical or qualitative data analyses.
  5. Results:  Presents findings clearly and logically.
  6. Discussion and Conclusions:  Discusses results and states conclusions, discusses applications and extension of research.
  7. References—Correctly formatted in APA style.
  8. Critique:  Specify the strengths and weaknesses of the study in light of existing theory (theory supporting the research topic and methods used) in the field and describe how the investigation could be improved if replicated. The critique should include the following components:
    1. Strengths and weaknesses of the research design or implementation
    2. Schedule: Compare the actual schedule with the proposed schedule and note reasons for discrepancies
    3. Budget: Summarize the cost associated with the project and compare actual costs with the original estimates.
    4. Intended audience: Summarize where you intend (or would intend) to submit this manuscript for publication, why you selected that outlet, and how that choice is reflected in the way you presented your argument, literature, and findings. Explain your rationale for submitting to this particular outlet.