Salary Expectations

Cost of Living

  • Salary Relocation Calculator - Salary information is impacted by a number of considerations. The region of country, the kind of field, the company, supply and demand, etc. To see how cost of living is affected by where you live, check this calculator.
  • Salary and Cost of Living Information - The cost-of-living data presented here is designed to enable employers, employees, relocation firms, and others to compare cost-of-living differences accurately between different areas and to make the adjustments required to negotiate mutually acceptable compensation match-ups. In sharp contrast to comparative cost-of-living data based exclusively on costs of goods and services (food, clothing, shelter, utilities, transportation, health care and other miscellaneous items), the data presented here incorporates a vital additional cost-of-living element: taxes.


  • JobStar - general and profession-specific surveys.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - online version from the Bureau of Labor Statistics; earnings is given for each of 250 occupations in addition to training, outlook, work setting, and related occupations.