Tuition Scholarships

IPT Department Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded by the IP&T Department to IP&T graduate students each semester. Scholarships are awarded on a needs basis. The amount of each scholarhips varies, but scholarhips are usually awarded for either full or half tuition ($1000-$2000) per semester. Approximately 40 scholarships are awarded each year.

Applications must be submitted to the department chair prior to the beginning of each semester. Contact the department secretary for more details or for an application.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

  • McKay School of Education Scholarships - scholarships awarded to graduate and undergraduate students in the McKay School of Education. Only one application is necessary to apply for all available scholarships.
  • Graduate Research and Fellowships Awards - awarded by the Office of Graduate Studies to support graduate student research.
  • FastWEB - tailored scholarship search of over 180,000 scholarships, fellowships, loans, and grants, available to students for free.
  • Index of Scholarships and Fellowships for Minorities - This page contains information about scholarships and fellowships for minority students.
  • Spencer Foundation - grants funds to support research which contributes to the understanding and improvement of education. Grant programs include funding for faculty research and a variety of fellowship programs.
  • FinAid Guide to Financial Aid - FinAid was established in the fall of 1994 as a public service, containing an annotated collection of information about student financial aid, with searchable databases.