Dress Code

IEP Objective

Teaching Assistants will dress appropriately with in dress code standards 100% of the time, while in the classroom setting.

Lesson Objective

To teach what clothes and styles are appropriate in the classroom and which clothing items are inappropriate.

Lesson Components

Purpose statement

Following dress code standards is extremely important when working in the Special Education Department. Dressing appropriately can affect the performance of students and other Teaching Assistants.


  1. Discuss and read over orally the dress code of the school and classroom
  2. Talk about what is appropriate and inappropriate in the classroom
  3. Lecture on importance of following dress code
  4. Demonstrate clothing and styles that are correct to wear


  1. Show pictures of clothing that is appropriate and inappropriate (demonstrate which common trends are wear-able in the classroom)
  2. Show how the teachers (myself) and other TA educators are dressed

Guided Practice:

  1. Visual guidance of a selection of clothing printouts
  2. Give encouragement/praise if they are already wearing appropriate clothes and understand concepts
  3. Show how other TA’s in the classroom are dressed
  4. Have TA read out loud and give oral responses concerning dress code

Closure (today we learned)

  1. Short review to make sure TA understands what we talked about.
  2. Have them orally talk about what they learned about today.
  3. Ask if there are any questions or concerns.

Additional Information

Possible TA Responses

  • Do leggings count as pants?
  • Can I wear a Scarf shirt?
  • Rule for skirt length?

Potential Error Corrections

  • Read specific areas of dress code standards
  • Bring out contract signed by TA and show them what they agreed to as a consequence if they aren’t wearing appropriate clothing
  • Show them examples of clothing that is appropriate and inappropriate
  • Bring out district’s dress code standards pamphlet

Dress Code True/False Quiz

  1. T  F - Wearing leggings as pants or under skirts that length reaches above the knee are appropriate.
  2. T  F - Dressing seductively is perfectly okay during classroom instruction if it is Halloween.
  3. T  F - Clothing with reference to cigarettes or alcohol are not allowed.
  4. T  F - Open-toed shoes are allowed in the classroom.
  5. T  F - T-shirts are not allowed in the classroom, unless specifically given permission to by the teacher.


  1. F
  2. F
  3. T
  4. T
  5. T