Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Each school is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of information contained in student files as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Federal Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA). As a paraeducator—and as an employee of the school—you are involved in supporting teachers and students, you may be allowed access to certain student information. Your use of student information will be contingent upon your agreement to the following conditions to ensure confidentiality.

  1. You may only examine files of students if the classroom teacher allows it.
  2. You may NOT make photocopies of documents contained in student files. You may NOT remove the student files from the school.
  3. While working with student files, you may NOT allow anyone other than school personnel to examine the files.
  4. If information from student files is written in any reports for your high school assignments:
    • You will need permission from the cooperating teacher
    • You shall not use the actual name of the student
    • You cannot use any other information that would specifically identify a student
  5. You are responsible to keep any information about students from being distributed.
  6. Discussion of the student by name or by any other identifying information outside of the school setting is a violation of the student’s and parent’s right to confidentiality and could be subject to court action. Confidentiality is your legal responsibility. By signing this document you agree to comply with the conditions stated herein.

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